I'm well aware that many people have a negative stigma associated with reading. They may find it "boring" or often feel that the author may be talking over their head. I hope that my book(s) will challenge those perceptions. I hope to write books that are just as thought provoking, as they are entertaining. Enjoy!

Not Only in Blood


A coming of age tale that highlights the struggles of adolescence during pre-Emancipation America, Not Only in Blood offers a fresh new perspective on the era from voices that have rarely been given prominence.


In the year 1825, "the boy" lives a life that most fifteen year olds could only dream of. His parents are wealthy, he can read, write and most of all, he was born free. Still feeling shackled by society, he runs away from the sheltered home he grew up in and finds himself on the American frontier. Here he is thrust into a frightening world that allows very few men to live to tell of its beauties...and its horrors.

"In a true coming of age story that spans a vast countryside, D’Andre Walker has penned a modern literary classic."



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